Microchip Implants

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Microchip Migration

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Microchip implants migrate often. This removes the main benefit, quick identification in the veterinary surgery or animal shelter. The theoretical capacity to see more dogs an hour means veterinary surgeons and animal shelter workers love microchip implants, more dogs in less time means more money or more effective use of volunteer’s time. But a collar and tag is much quicker if a microchip migrated down the leg or back.

microchip migration

Migration of implants causes discomfort for animals. A commonly listed problem on dog forums, addressing migration should be top of the list for manufacturers and major implanters. Instead of highlighting this obvious problem animal welfare groups and company sponsored veterinary surgeons ignore it. Asking Government to mandate a market for sponsors instead of demanding sponsors fix this problem with their product. Yet leaving an animal with a glass shard in its leg would be grounds for cruelty if owners did it because it causes unnecessary suffering. It is fine to implant an unnecessary device that migrates to the same spot, is the same size and causes the same pain. The flawed logic is obvious here.

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